Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) set forth the circumstances and procedures for building occupants in response to an emergency. EAP floor plans satisfy fire safety requirements.

EAPs are required by law for NYC high rise commercial buildings (75 feet or greater) and must be kept up to date every time there is a significant change in a building. 



Emergency Action Plans Include:

  • Detailed narrative 
  • Entire building egress and evacuation routes
  • Locations of fire pull stations, stairwells, and elevator banks. 
"RDM has been a true partner in assisting our building with their Emergency Action / Fire Safety Floor Plans & Fire Protection Plan services."

- Nancy Lara, Vice President | JLL


  • Discounted initial EAP
  • As needed floor plan and CAD maintenance
  • Annual Full Building Walkthrough
  • Penalty Avoidance

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